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Quality Standard

IPC-A-610H class 2

PCB Type

Rigid PCBs(CEM-1,CEM-3,FR4, Metal-Core)

PCB Shape

Oval, Square,rectangle,Circle,Triangle, other Odd Shapes

PCB Size Ability

Board width/length less than 30mm should be panelized

Max board size: 1200 x 600 mm

PCB Surface finish Operation Ability

OSP, Pb HAL/lead-free HAL, ENIG, Immersion Silver/Tin

Solder Type

Lead-free - RoHS

File Format

PCB Gerber Files(RS-274X), BOM, Pick and Place File

SMT Capacity

3,000,000 Pads/Day

DIP Capacity

100,000 Pins/Day

SMT Package types


Resistor and Capacitor Size


Testing Methods

· E-Test

· A.O.I

· Solderability test

· X-ray test

· 100% visual inspection

· Impedance control/test

Other Service

IC programming

Components Sourcing

Function test as custom

Terminal,Socket,Connector,Cable, harness Assembly